AT&T EL52303 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Telephone settings
Handset settings
QUIET mode
When QUIET mode is turned on, the telephone silences all sounds during
the set period of time (1-12 hours). However, the handset locator paging
tone and any sound-generating operations initiated by users, such as making
calls using the speakerphone or setting ringer volume, will sound as normal.
After you turn on QUIET mode, this feature activates immediately and the
answering system turns on automatically. When QUIET mode is on,
the answering system takes calls and records messages without
broadcasting them.
To turn QUIET mode on:
1. Press and hold QUIET # in idle mode to enter the QUIET mode setting
screen. The screen shows Quiet: _ _ hours [1-12].
2. Use the dialing keys to enter the desired number of hours (1-12) you
would like to turn on QUIET mode, then press MENU/SELECT. Your screen
briefly shows Quiet mode on.
To turn QUIET mode off:
While QUIET mode is on, press and hold QUIET #. The screen then shows
Quiet mode off briefly and then returns to idle.
If you change the base ringer, handset ringer, ringer volume, or key tone when QUIET mode is on,
the sample plays but the feature is still muted after saving the setting.
After QUIET mode is turned off or the set period of time has expired, all muted features will be
activated again.
When QUIET mode is on, the handset does not ring when there is an incoming intercom call, but
the handset which initiates the intercom call does have the calling tone as normal.