AT&T EL52303 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Caller ID
Caller ID operation
View dialing options
Although the caller ID log entries received typically have 10 digits (the area
code plus the 7-digit number), in some areas, you may need to dial only the
seven digits, 1 plus the seven digits, or 1 plus area code plus the seven digits.
You can follow the steps below to change the number of digits that you dial
in the caller ID log.
When a handset is in idle mode, press CID to
view the caller ID log in reverse chronological
order starting with the most recent call.
Before dialing or saving the telephone number in
the directory, press # (pound key) repeatedly to
show different dialing options for local and long
distance numbers.
Press 1 repeatedly if you need to add or remove
1 in front of the telephone number.
3. When the number is in the correct format for dialing, press
PHONE/FLASH or /SPEAKERSPEAKER to call the number.
To save the number to the directory, see Save a caller ID log entry to the
directory on page 46.
NOTE: If you do not need to dial the area code for local calls, make sure to program your
home area code (see Home area code on page 17).
Press #
Press 1