AT&T EL52303 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Telephone operation
Options while on calls
To access the redial list while on a call:
Press REDIAL/PAUSE. The screen shows the number most
recently called. To view up to 10 recently called numbers,
press DIR, CID or REDIAL/PAUSE repeatedly to scroll to
the desired number.
Press MENU/SELECT. The handset dials the displayed number.
While on a call, you cannot edit a directory entry or redial entry, or copy a caller ID entry into
the directory.
If the directory, speed dial list, caller ID log or answering system is being used and you
attempt to access one of them, the screen shows Not available.
Press OFF/CANCEL to exit directory, caller ID log or redial list and return to the call
without dialing the displayed number.
Join a call in progress
If a handset is already on a call and you would like to join the call:
Press PHONE/FLASH or /SPEAKER on another system handset.
To end the call:
Press OFF/CANCEL or place the handset in the telephone base or charger.
The call does not end until all handsets hang up.
This feature is only applicable to models with more than one handset.
For models with two to four handsets, all handsets can be used at the same time on an
outside call. For models with five handsets, you can use a maximum of four handsets. If the
fifth handset attempts to join the call, the handset screen shows Unable to call.
Redial #6/10