AT&T EL52303 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Handset display screen messages
Call log empty You are accessing an empty caller ID log.
Calling HS X
(For models with two or
more handsets only)
The handset is calling another handset (for intercom calls).
Directory empty There are no directory entries.
Directory full
The directory is full. You cannot save any new entries unless you
delete some current entries.
Ended You have just ended a call.
HS X is calling
(For models with two or
more handsets only)
Another handset is calling.
Incoming call There is an incoming call.
Intercom The handset is on an intercom call.
Intercom ended The intercom call is just ended.
Intercom to
(For models with two or
more handsets only)
You have started the intercom process, and need to enter the
number of the handset you wish to call.
Line in use
An extension telephone on the same line or one of the handsets is
in use.
Low battery The battery needs to be charged.
Microphone on Mute is off so the other party can hear your voice.
Muted The microphone is off.
New voicemail
There are new voicemail messages from your telephone
service provider.
No battery
The handset in the telephone base or charger does not have a
battery properly installed.
No line There is no telephone line connected.
No message There are no messages in the answering system.
Not available
Someone else is already using the directory, speed dial list, caller
ID log or answering system.