Uniden BCD536HP Two-Way Radio User Manual

Set Hold Time. Sets how long to search when scanning.
Enter the hold time (0-255 sec.) and press E/yes to save.
Set CC Mode
Selects the Close Call mode when scanning or searching.
Off. Close Call is turned off.
CC DND. Close Call checks for frequencies every two seconds when the scanner is not
receiving a transmission.
CC Priority. Close Call checks for frequencies every two seconds.
You can also toggle these modes by:
(BCD536HP) Pressing SQ (
(BCD436HP) Holding on any channel and pressing Func then Avoid (
Set CC Bands
Lets you select the Close Call bands to be searched.
Scroll to each Band and press E/yes to toggle On or Off.
Press Menu to return.
VHF Low 1 - 25-54 MHz VHF High2 - 225-320 MHz
VHF Low 2 - 54-108 MHz UHF - 320-512 MHz
Air Band - 108-137 MHz 800MHz+ - 758-960, 1240-1300 MHz
VHF High1 - 137-225 MHz (Cellular frequencies not scanned)
Set CC Alert
This allows you to set an Alert Tone, Alert Light, and sets the Pause time for Close Call when you
receive a hit.
Set Alert Tone
Alert 1-9 or Off.
Set Level
Level 1-15 or Auto (the master volume level).
Set Alert Light
Set Color
Off, Blue, Red, Magenta, Green, Cyan, Yellow, or White.
Set Pattern
On, Slow Blink, or Fast Blink.
Set CC Pause
3, 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60, sec. or Innite.
Close Call Only Mode
(BCD536HP) Press and hold SQ ( ).
(BCD436HP) Press Channel to hold on any channel/frequency.
Press Func then press and hold Avoid (
) . See also Set Search Key.
You will see activity on the 7 bands in the display. Bands with an * (asterisk) under them are
turned off.