Uniden BCD536HP Two-Way Radio User Manual

Latitude - Bottom Right
Enter the latitude. Press ./no to toggle N or S, and press E/yes.
Longitude - Bottom Right
Enter the longitude. Press ./no to toggle E or W, and press E/yes.
Stored Rectangle
Edit Rectangle See Rectangles above.
Delete Rectangle
At Confirm Delete? press E/yes or ./no.
P25 Waiting Time (Motorola Only) – This setting gives the scanner time to determine if channels
on mixed Motorola Systems have digital or analog transmissions. During this time, the scanner will
evaluate the received signal and, if it detects digital data, will open squelch immediately. If digital
is not detected before the delay expires, the scanner will open squelch at the end of this delay.
This is to prevent “false decode” problems. This setting only affects channels with an Audio Type
set to All. The default setting is 400 ms.
0 to 1000
Note: Any analog transmissions will lose the rst part of the transmission, up to the wait
time you set here.
P25 Threshold Mode (P25/Motorola)
The default setting is Auto.
Auto. Automatically sets the decode threshold based on the received signal.
Manual. Allows you to manually set the threshold in threshold setting mode by using the P25
Threshold Level setting.
Default. Sets the scanner to the default threshold of 8, Auto.
P25 Threshold Level (P25/Motorola) – The default setting is 8.
0 to 20
Delete Site – Deletes the Site.
At Confirm Delete? press E/yes or ./no.
New Site – See New Site.
Press Menu then scroll to Manage Favorites and press E/yes.
Scroll to the Favorites List and press E/yes.
Scroll to Review/Edit System and press E/yes.
Scroll to the System and press E/yes.
Scroll to Edit Department and press E/yes.
To Create a New Department, scroll to New Department and press E/yes.
To Edit an Existing Department, scroll to the Department and press E/yes.