Uniden BCD536HP Two-Way Radio User Manual

Displays to show Function mode.
F0-9 Indicates the first digit of the Favorites List quick key on the left with the blinking
second digit on the right in Scan mode.
A non-blinking number on the right indicates the quick key is enabled waiting to be
A - (dash) means nothing is assign to the quick key.
An * (asterisk) means the quick key is disabled.
SITE HOLD Displays in Site Hold mode.
SEARCH Displays in Search mode.
Time Displays the time.
or Displays to show the Scan or Search direction.
GPS Displays when connected to a GPS unit.
REC Displays when recording.
Displays to show Wi-Fi status is not connected. (BCD536HP Only)
Displays to show Wi-Fi status is connected. (BCD536HP Only)
AP Displays when connected in Access Point mode. (BCD536HP Only)
Displays to show the signal strength.
Displays in Priority mode.
Displays in reverse in Priority DND mode.
Displays and blinks if the battery is low. (BCD436HP Only)
Displays if the Close Call Priority feature is on.
Displays in reverse in Close Call DND mode.
S=NN Displays the squelch level for three seconds when you turn SQ.
Battery Level Displays when you press VOL. (BCD436HP Only)
Volume and Squelch