Uniden BCD536HP Two-Way Radio User Manual

Note 4: When adding channels from a Favorites List that has Use Location Control is set to
No, only channels that are from the selected service types are added.
Rename – This allows to you rename the Favorites List.
See Data Naming.
Delete – This will delete the Favorites List.
At Conrm Delete? Press E/yes or ./no.
Information – This will show you the le size and number of Systems in the list.
Location Control allows you to enable or disable channels scanned in a Favorites List based
on your location. Actually, it enables/disables Sites and Departments in Favorites Lists (as long
as they have locations programmed) based on your current location and scan range settings.
Location Control is always enabled when scanning from the Full Database.
To use Location Control, you have to enable it for each Favorites List (default is OFF). You also
need to have locations programmed for Sites and Departments in each list (you can’t program a
location for a system).
With Location Control set to ON, the scanner only sees Departments/Sites with programmed
locations. Any Department/Site with no location information programmed will not be scanned. If
you append (add) a System/Department to a list from the database, the locations will be brought
in with each System/Department you append.
With Location Control set to OFF, the scanner will enable all Sites and Departments in your
Favorites List no matter what the scan range or Site/Department range is set to.
You don’t need a GPS to scan by location if all of the following apply:
1. You have Location Control set to ON for each Favorites List you want to use with Location
2. You set (by zip/post code, Auto Locate, or manually), or select a location.
3. Your Departments and Sites have locations programmed.
The scanner then compares your location data with Site and Department data to determine which
channels to scan.
Conceivably, you could program everything you want to hear into one Favorites List and scan just
by selecting locations rather than enabling/disabling lists. If you are traveling long distances a
GPS device would be a better way to go.
Note for Motorola/P25 systems: If you are not sure if the system is Motorola or P25, look
at the system type in the RR database for your system. Only those systems tagged as
“Project 25 Phase I or Project 25 Phase 2” are Project 25 systems. Any system type that
includes the word “Motorola” should be programmed as a Motorola system, even if it uses
some or all digital channels.
Press Menu then scroll to Manage Favorites and press E/yes.