Uniden BCD536HP Two-Way Radio User Manual

Access Point Mode is able to connect with up to 5 clients.
Setting parameters are as follows: SSID, Security type, and Password.
Make sure the Wi-Fi dongle is connected to the USB port behind the scanner.
Press Menu then scroll to Wi-Fi Setup and press E/yes.
Show Wi-Fi Information
Shows the IP address, MAC number, and version when connected.
Shows ‘Wi-Fi not connected’ when the WiFi dongle is not connected.
Set Connection
Off. Not connected.
Infrastructure Mode. Routers etc.
Select AP. Select the access point with the encryption type.
Input Password. Input password to connect.
Access Point Mode. Laptops, Smart devices etc.
Input SSID
Enter (or use default) name of connection. See Data Naming.
Select Security
Open, WPA/WPA2
Input Password. Enter the password for connection.
Reset to Factory
Initialize information for WiFi Setup.
Organizing your Quick Keys will be part of the planning. You will have to gure out which quick
keys to assign to your Favorites Lists and Systems so you can scan them without a table of
contents and with some sort of logic you can remember. Remember, enabling/disabling quick keys
is not the same thing as Avoiding or Unavoiding Systems and Monitor On/Off Favorites Lists.
Favorites Lists Quick Keys are used to enable or disable Favorites Lists for scanning. They are
just the number keys on the scanner but once assigned to a Favorites List they become the Quick
Keys. Your Favorites Lists hold your Systems that also may have System quick keys assigned
to those Systems. You cannot assign a Quick Key in one Favorites List to another Favorites List.
Selecting a Favorites List will enable all (Unavoided) Systems in that list for scanning. There
are 100 Quick Keys (0-99) to use for your Favorites Lists. Favorites List Quick Keys can only be
assigned once to any one Favorites List, If you don’t assign a Quick Key to a list, it will always be