Samsung SP-R6100 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Getting Started
Getting Started
Charging the Handset
Before initial operation, you should fully charge the handset
for more than 10 hours.
To charge the handset, simply place it in the base unit.
The handset can only be charged facing up.
When the handset battery is charging, the handset
automatically turns on and the battery icon in the right corner
of the display scrolls.
Turning the Handset On/Off
When you place the handset in the base unit to charge it, the
handset automatically turns on. To turn the handset on or off
in Standby mode, follow these steps:
1. To turn on the handset when the display is off, press
The display shows the handset and base number, and the
greeting message SAMSUNG as shown below.
(To change the greeting, see page 42) The phone is now
ready for use.
2. To turn the handset off, press and hold key for about
three seconds until the power-off message appears in the
display. The display turns off.
N o t e s :
• If you purchase an additional handset, you must register the
handset to a base. If not, the display shows Fail to
R e g i s t e r when you turn it on and only the two soft keys
work to allow you to register the handset. Refer to
‘Registering a New Handset’ on page 54.
• Nothing will appear in the LCD window when battery power
is very low. You should fully charge the handset before
o p e r a t i o n .
H S ( 1 ) B S ( 1 )