Samsung SP-R6100 Cordless Telephone User Manual

General Functions
Receiving a Call
When somebody calls you, the phone rings. Also, the icon
in the middle of your handset’s display and the telephone
lamp on the left of the base will start to blink.
The caller’s phone number will be displayed if the telephone
network has transmitted the necessary information.
1. If the handset is on the base, pick up the handset and
speak. Or
If the handset is out of the base, open the flip cover and
speak, press the or keys on the side of the phone. Or
If the handset is in the Standby mode with the flip cover
open, press key.
N o t e : key and key will not work for three sec-
onds after the flip has been opened to receive a call
in order to prevent the phone from being disengaged.
2. To end the call, close the flip cover or press key. Or
Place the handset in the base unit.
N o t e : If you set the ‘Ring Delay Time’ feature, you can turn
the handset ringer off for the specified time when a call
comes in and other handsets are ringing. Refer to ‘Ring
Delay Time’ on page 48.
General Functions
(Available only when you have more than one handset)
This feature allows your handset to wait for connection to the
telephone line currently engaged by another handset. Your
handset rings when the telephone line becomes free.
1. You hear a short busy tone if you open the flip cover or
press key while another handset engages the
telephone line.
The display shows the handset number currently engaging
the line. Your handset is automatically camped on the line.
N o t e : To cancel this feature, press key any time
b e f o re the line is free. The handset re t u rns to
Standby mode.
2. Your handset rings and the window displays FREE when
the line becomes free.
3. Press key to engage the line while the handset rings.
• If an incoming call arrives while your handset rings to tell
you the line is free, the ‘Camp On Busy’ feature is automati-
cally cancelled and an incoming ring sounds.
• Several handsets can be camped on the busy line in
c h r onological ord e r. When the line becomes available to
you, the LCD window displays F R E E, and other handsets will
display your handset number following the word B U S Y.
• When your handset rings and the window displays F R E E,
p r ess the key within 10 seconds. Otherwise, the handset
re t u rns to the Standby mode.
Camp On Busy