Samsung SP-R6100 Cordless Telephone User Manual

4. Enter the PIN code, then press the OK soft key. Call
Barring appears.
N o t e : If you enter the wrong PIN number, the handset
re t u rns to the Standby mode.
5. Press the Select soft key to access the Call Barring
option. The first barring address containing a restricted
number, if already registered, appears.
6. If you want to choose another barring address, select the
desired address by using the soft key.
7. Press the Edit soft key.
8. Enter up to 4-digit number by using the numeric keys that
you want to restrict, then press the OK soft key.
9. If you want to block another number, repeat steps 6
through 8.
To Deactivate a Specific Call Barring Number
You can selectively deactivate the restricted number by
erasing the number.
1. In the Call Barring mode (see steps 1 through 5 on opposite
page), use the soft key to select the address containing
the restricted number you want to deactivate.
2. Press the Edit soft key, then use the key to erase the
3. Press the OK soft key.
It is possible to set the phone to restrict numbers that can be
dialled. The phone cannot dial a phone number beginning
with the numbers that you specify.
You can set up to 4 different restricted numbers containing up
to 4 digits each.
If you turn the feature on, the handset requires a PIN code
when the restricted number is dialled. If you fail to enter the
correct PINcode three times successively, your phone returns
to the Standby mode. If you enter a correct PIN, you can make
Note: You can make an emergency call (112, 999) even when
you activate the outgoing call barring option.
To Set Call Barring Numbers
1. In the Standby mode, press the Menu soft key.
2. Press the soft key repeatedly until System appears.
3. Press the Select soft key to access the menu. You are
asked to enter the PIN code. It is preset to 0000.
Call Barring (Menu 6-1)
Up to six handsets can be registered and operated from your
base unit. You can register and remove a handset through the
System menu. You can also reset the handset to its default