Samsung SP-R6100 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Once you have stored phone numbers in the phonebook
memory, you can dial them easily whenever you want.
One-Touch Dialling
Memory addresses 01 through 09 are special one-touch
addresses. You can dial the phone numbers stored in the
Phonebook memory from 01 through 09 simply by pressing
one key.
In the Standby mode, press and hold the second digit of the
memory address containing the number to be dialled.
For example: Address no. 09
Press and hold. The number stored is
displayed, then dialled.
Two-Touch Dialling
In the Standby mode, press the first digit briefly, then hold
down the second digit of the memory address.
For example: Address no. 23
Press briefly and hold down .
The number stored is displayed, then dialled.
Dialling a Number in Phonebook
3. Select the other letters in the same way. The cursor moves
to the right when you press a different key.
N o t e : When entering the same letter twice (or a
d i ff e rent letter on the same key), just wait for a few
seconds for the cursor to move automatically, and
then select the next letter. You can move the cursor
to the left by using the key on the side of the
phone. To delete letters, use the k e y.
Using a Pause
A pause is useful when you access an interactive voice
response system, such as an automated banking system.
A pause delays dialling for 3 seconds.
If you want to insert a dialling pause between numbers, press
the Pause soft key. P appears at the pause entry.