Uniden MHS550 Two-Way Radio User Manual

7Uniden MHS550 Radio Owner’s Manual
Before you transmit, press and hold BAND/1/2.5/5W
to select a power level. Then press ▲ or ▼ to select
a channel.
Press PTT (the Push To Talk button) on the side of
the radio to transmit. Release to stop transmitting.
To change bands, follow these steps.
FRS Band
Briey press BAND/1/2.5/5W. The radio changes to
the FRS Band.
Use ▲ or ▼ to select one of the 14 FRS channels.
You can choose to leave the CTCSS coding disabled
(default) in which case OFF appears to the right of the
channel selected. Or, you can press MENU to select
and activate a CTCSS code for the chosen channel.
See Using the Menu options for the FRS Band on
Page 35.
Note: Selecting and assigning one of the 142 Privacy
Codes (CTCSS/DCS) to the operating FRS channel
lets you and another radio communicate without
interference from others in your area who might being
using the identical FRS channel. Without enabling the
CTCSS code feature, you and others in your group
might also hear everyone else in the area on that
same channel.