Uniden MHS550 Two-Way Radio User Manual

55Uniden MHS550 Radio Owner’s Manual
Examples of Mode Applications
While there are many scenarios for making a mode choice
or setting the MHS550 in a certain manner that applies to
your own special requirements, we hope the following three
examples might help you get started.
You’re a safety boat at the scene of a yacht race. You
have to monitor the Intership safety channel, 06, yet
you want to monitor Channel 16 for emergency trafc.
Select DualWatch, with Channel 06 as the normal
working channel.
You’re shing, and there are four channels being used
by local anglers: Channels 68, 69, 71, and 09. Put all
four channels into memory, and use Normal Scanning
to listen to them in succession.
You’re cruising with your family on Lake Erie, and you
are concerned about a summer thunderstorm in your
area. First select the weather channel with the best
reception, then return to the marine band. Press and
hold WX/ALERT so that your radio monitors the local
weather channel for Weather Alert broadcasts.
Accessory Options — Using the External
Speaker/Mic Jack
You can connect an optional external speaker-mic to this
watertight jack. Unscrew the cap, which is held by the rubber
cap-keeper to prevent loss. Insert the special gasketed
plug and screw down the shell, which assures prevention
of water entering the jack. Two available units are HHSPM
Speaker Mic [Uniden SKU 7830425] and VOX100 Headset
Mic. [Uniden SKU 7830409] For details, consult your Uniden
dealer or call 1-800-554-3988.