Uniden MHS550 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Uniden MHS550 Radio Owner’s Manual
the time to a specic channel, yet also check for trafc on
selected other channels. To accomplish this, your MHS550
has several scanning modes which can be used based on
your needs.
DualWatch — allows you to monitor a primary channel, for
example Channel 68, yet check for trafc on Channel 16 ev-
ery two seconds.
TripleWatch — lets you monitor a primary channel, for ex-
ample Channel 68, yet check for trafc on Channels 16 and
9 every two seconds.
Weather Alert (WX/ALERT) — lets you monitor one or more
channels, yet check for weather alerts on a selected weath-
er channel every 7 seconds. First select the Weather Mode
(WX/ALERT) and choose the clearest weather channel using
▲ or ▼ before using Weather Alert.
Normal Scanning — lets you monitor two or more channels
in rapid succession. When the radio detects trafc on any
of the channels in memory, it pauses scanning until the
trafc stops, then continues scanning after an additional two
DualWatch Scanning — lets you monitor two or more
channels in succession, but also monitors Channel 16 every
two seconds.
TripleWatch Scanning — as above, but also monitors
Channel 9.
Most of these scanning modes require that two or more
channels are rst entered into memory. This is done by
selecting the desired channel using ▲ or ▼, then pressing
and holding SCAN/MEM for two seconds. CHANNEL
STORED appears in the display. Press and hold SCAN/
MEM a second time to remove the channel from memory.
These various scanning modes can be turned on and off
using three keys — 16/9/TRI, WX/ALERT, and SCAN/MEM.