Uniden MHS550 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Uniden MHS550 Radio Owner’s Manual
1. Antenna —Flexible for convenience. Heavy duty covering
to ensure long-term endurance.
2. Watertight Ext. Speaker/Mic Jack — Unscrew the
cap and insert an approved mic/speaker for convenient
3. Volume-Power ON/OFF Control - Rotate to turn on
power and set volume to a comfortable listening level.
4. Squelch Control — Rotate clockwise to hear strong
signals without noise or static and weak signals with a
minimum level of noise..
5. Wrist Strap Anchor — Thread and loop the supplied wrist
strap to conveniently carry the radio.
6. WX/ALERT — Press briey to change the mode to
Weather Channel reception. Press and hold to activate the
Weather Alert feature.
7. SCAN/MEM — Press to set Normal Channel Scan on or
off. Press and hold to store or remove the current channel
into and out of memory.
8. BAND/1/2.5/5W — Press briey to change bands.
Press and hold to select the output power unless xed by
9. 16/9/TRI — Press briey to switch to the Coast Guard/
Distress/Hailing Channel 16 or the secondary Calling Hailing
Channel 9. Press and hold to enable TripleWatch or Dual
Watch monitoring.
10. MENU — Press to display the user-settable menu
11. ENTER — Press to select or store a chosen menu
12. ▲ and ▼ — Press to select channels above or below your
currently selected channel. Press and hold to change channels
rapidly. Press to scroll through a band’s menu selections.
13. Belt Clip —Squeeze and attach to your belt
for convenient carrying.