Uniden MHS550 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Uniden MHS550 Radio Owner’s Manual
Items Unit Nominal
Frequency Tolerance @ 25° C to 50° C PPM ±0.5
Frequency Stability -20° C to 50° C PPM
(MRN, 5W) W 5
(MRN 2.5W) W 2.5
(MRN 1W) W 1
Carrier Power
(FRS/MRN 0.5W) W 0.5
(MRN 5W) dBc 53Spurious Emission
(MRN 2.5W/1W) dBc 58
500Hz dB -6Modulation Frequency Response
2000Hz dB +6
(MRN for ± 3kHz Deviation) mV 6Microphone Sensitivity
(FRS for ± 1.5kHz Deviation) mV 6
(MRN) ±kHz 4.5Maximum Deviation@100mV Input
(FRS with Subaudio) ±kHz 2.3
Modulation Distortion 750 ȝS
De-emphas 0.3 to 3kHz BPF
% 0.6
(MRN) dB 38Hum and Noise 750 ȝS
De-emphas 0.3 to 3kHz PF
(FRS) dB 35
(MRN) mA 1500Current Drain @ High Power 5W
(FRS) mA 650
Item Description
Channels All USA, Canadian, and International
Marine-Weather: 156.05 ~ 163.275MHz, 25kHz Step
Family Radio Service: 462.5625 ~ 467.7125MHz, 12.5kHz Step
AM Broadcast: 500.00 ~ 1800kHz, 10 or 9kHz Step
FM Broadcast: 87.5 ~108.0MHz, 100 or 200MHz Step
Aircraft: 108.00 ~ 137.00MHz, 25kHz Step
Antenna Fixed Mount type
Connectors External MIC/SPEAKER, 2.5mm Diam. 3-contact Stereo type
Controls and
Volume, Squelch with Power On/Off, Up, Down Keys,Ch16/TRI, Menu, Enter, WX Alert, Scan/Mem,
Band/1,2.5/5W, Push to Talk, Light/Lock
Display LCD 128 x 64 Full Dot Matrix
Backlight LCD Front Key -yellow-green color
Cabinet Size 4.21H x 2.55W x 1.38D inches (107 x 65 x 35mm)
Weight 9.5 oz (270 g.)
Speaker Built-in 32mm diam. Dynamic type (8ȍ, 0.7W)
Microphone Built-in Electret type
Li-Ion Battery Pack (7.4VDC, 1400mA/hr min) AC Adapter, Drop-In Charger, CLA DC Cord, Alkaline
Battery Tray (4xAAA), Belt Clip, Hand Strap
-30° C to 50° C. (Battery charge: 0° C to 45° C.)
-30° C to 60° C
AC Adapter Input: 100VAC ~ 240VAC, 50/60Hz Output: 12VDC, 1A
Regulation FCC, IC
Battery Life
10 Hours, Min.
Waterproof Grade Compliant to JIS7/IPX7 Immersion Protection Standards. Submersible in one meter of water for 30
minutes without damage.
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