Uniden MHS550 Two-Way Radio User Manual

49Uniden MHS550 Radio Owner’s Manual
Guard/Distress/Hailing Channel 16, before starting with the
current channel again.
To exit either mode, press and hold 16/9/TRI for about
2 seconds.
If you selected DualWatch during setup, when
activated, every two seconds, the radio checks the
current channel then it checks Channel 16 before
returning to your selected channel. DUALWATCH
appears on the display bottom during this cycle.
If you enable TripleWatch or DualWatch from a
Weather Channel, the same watch cycle occurs.
When the radio checks the selected weather channel,
the screen displays Weather Band in the upper left
corner. When the radio checks Channel 9, Channel
16, or both, the screen briey displays Marine Band at
the upper left.
If you momentarily press SCAN/MEM, the
TripleWatch or DualWatch functions as described
above. Channels stored in memory are also scanned.
If you want to change the channels being scanned,
momentarily press SCAN/MEM again, or press WX/
ALERT or PTT, to exit scanning (TripleWatch or
DualWatch continues). Then use ▲ or ▼ to manually
select another marine channel and press and hold
SCAN/MEM to store it. Momentarily press SCAN/
MEM to resume scanning.
In scan mode, the radio pauses on an active channel
and resumes scanning 2 seconds after the channel
activity ceases.
Scanning - The Basics and Beyond
Marine VHF radios use scanning to let you monitor several
channels at once. It’s common to want to listen most of