Uniden D3288-2 Telephone User Manual

6 - English
Bluetooth wireless devices have a maximum range of about 10 feet (3 m); the
actual range will vary depending on local conditions (obstacles, battery power,
interference, etc.).
Pair your Bluetooth phone
Pairing “introduces” four Bluetooth devices and gives them permission to connect
to each other. In most cases, once you pair a phone to the D3288, the two devices
connect automatically whenever they detect each other. (If you have to manually
reconnect each time, check the Bluetooth settings on your cellular phone.) You can
pair your Bluetooth devices through the D3288 station.
to display the main menu.
Select the
menu, then select the
Add Cell phone
submenu. The base goes
into pairing mode when the station displays
Search & select from Cellular D3288
PIN: 0000
On your Bluetooth phone, start a search for other Bluetooth devices. (This
process may take several seconds and it will be different for each mobile phone.
See your phone owner’s manual for detailed instructions.)
Your phone should discover a device called
Handsfree device
. When
your phone asks if you want to pair with this device, answer yes.
If your phone prompts you for a PIN code or password to pair with the D3288,
enter 0000 (four zeroes).
When your phone accepts the Bluetooth connection, the D3288 sounds a
confirmation tone. The Bluetooth device number icon on the base and the
handset display light up.
Most cell phones automatically transfer the audio to a Bluetooth device
as soon as it pairs; if yours does not, look in your cell phone’s Bluetooth
setup for a “transfer audio” or “send audio to device” option.
To test the connection
Pick up the handset from the cradle.
Dial the number you want to call, then press
on the handset. You may not
hear a dial tone or ringing, but the handset display says Talk.
Make sure the call connects and you can hear clearly. (When you’re finished,
to hang up.)
The D3288 remembers the pairing information for your cellular; if it loses
connection with your phone for any reason (e.g., the cell phone travels out of
range, runs out of charge, etc.), the D3288 can automatically reconnect the
next time your phone becomes available.
Using the D3288 with four Bluetooth phones
The D3288 can save the pairing information for four different Bluetooth phones,
but it can only use one cellular line at any given time. For example, if you pair the