Uniden D3288-2 Telephone User Manual

16 - English
Using an Optional Headset
You can use a standard 2.5 mm telephone headset with your cordless handsets. To
purchase headsets, contact the Parts Department (see the front cover).
To install a headset, remove the headset jack cover and insert the headset plug
into the jack.
Just make and receive calls as usual, and use your headset to talk to the caller
after the call connects.
When you connect a headset, the handset automatically mutes the earpiece. To
re-activate the earpiece, just unplug the headset.
Using the Phonebooks
You can download the phonebook (up to 1500 entries) from each paired cellular
phone (up to four). You can also store up to 200 entries in the D3288’s Home
phonebook, which is separate from any downloaded phonebooks.
Only one station can access the phonebook at a time.
Downloading cellular phonebooks into your phone
Make sure your cellular phone is paired to the D3288 and is within range of the
With the D3288 in standby, open the menu and select
Select the cellular phone you want to download from, then select
Download PB
When downloading is complete, the station displays a confirmation screen. To
cancel downloading, press
Each time you download a phonebook, the D3288 overwrites any previous copy
of that phonebook. The D3288 automatically cancels the download if it receives
an incoming call or someone tries to make an outgoing call.
If the download is interrupted or canceled, the D3288 reverts to the original copy
of the downloaded phonebook.
If you delete the pairing information for a cellular phone, the downloaded
phonebook from that phone will also be deleted.
To... Press...
open the phonebook
, then select the phone name and then
scroll through the entries
to scroll through the entries from A to Z.
to scroll from Z to A.
to view the next 5 listings.
to view the previous 5 listings.
jump to entries that start
with a certain letter
the number key corresponding to the letter you want.
dial this number from
the land line
pick up the corded handset from the