Uniden D3288-2 Telephone User Manual

English - 5
Set Up the Accessory Handsets
Install and Charge the Battery
Unpack all handsets, battery packs, and battery covers.
If you need to remove a cover, press in on the notch and
slide the cover down and off.
Line up the battery connector with the jack inside the
handset; the connector only fits one way.
Push the connector in until it clicks into place; tug
gently on the wires to make sure the battery is securely
Replace the battery cover and slide it into place.
Connect the Charger
Use an AC adapter to connect the power jack on each charger to a regular indoor
(120V AC) power outlet.
Place each handset in a charger with the display facing forward. If the display
doesn’t light up, reseat the handset or connect the charger to a different outlet.
Charge all handsets completely (about 15 hours) before using.
Test the Connection
Pick up each handset and press
. You should hear a dial tone and the
display should say
If there is noise or static, see p. 25 for tips on avoiding interference.
Attaching the Belt Clip
Line up the holes on each side of the handset. Insert the belt clip into the holes on
each side of the handset. Press down until it clicks.
To remove the belt clip, pull either side of the belt clip to release the tabs from the
Setting Up the CellLink™ Bluetooth™ Connection
The new D3288 with CellLink technology can connect with mobile phones that
support the Bluetooth V2.0 handsfree profile.
Visit Uniden.com or contact customer service for a detailed list of tested mobile
If you are not certain of the profiles supported by your Bluetooth phone or if you
have difficulty pairing your phone to the D3288, see the manual that came with
your phone.
With the CellLink feature, you can essentially treat your cellular phone as a
second line. You can use the D3288 handset to make and receive calls on your
cellular phone number, put cellular calls on hold, and transfer calls to other
handsets. See p. 13 for more information.