Uniden D3288-2 Telephone User Manual

English - 27
Liquid Damage
CAUTION: If the base is covered in liquid, disconnect the adapter & phone
cord from the wall before touching it.
If the liquid is only on the exterior housing of the base or handset, wipe it off and
use as normal. If you can hear liquid inside the housing:
Remove all compartment covers, and disconnect all cables and cords.
If liquid is leaking from any vent or hole, turn the phone so that vent faces down.
If not, place the largest vent face down.
Let dry for at least 3 days. Check for liquid inside the phone before replacing
compartment covers & reconnecting cords.
Resetting Stations
If you have problems with the base, unplug the base to reset it. Plug it back in after at
lease a minute. If you have problems with a cordless handset or want to replace one,
reset it:
Press & hold
at the same time until you see the
System Reset
If you still have the base the handset is registered to, select
Deregister HS
, then
select the handset you want to reset. If you don’t have that base anymore, select
Base Unavailable
To confirm, select
. The handset displays
Handset not registered
Registering Handsets
If you see a “not registered” message on a handset, you must register it to a base
before using it.
On the base, open the menu and select
Register Accy
On the handset, press and hold #; the handset displays
Wait until the display says
Registration Complete
(about 30 seconds), then pick up
the handset; press
If you don’t hear a dial tone or the display says
Registration Failed
, charge
the battery completely, then try again.
Adapter and Battery Information
AC adapter Base Charger
Part number PS-0034 PS-0035
Input voltage 120V AC, 60 Hz
Output voltage
7.8V AC @
8V AC @
Use only the supplied AC adapters.
Use the proper adapter for the base & any
Do not place the unit in direct sunlight or subject
it to high temperatures.
Battery pack (with normal use)
Part number BT-1022
Capacity 300mAh, 2.4V DC
Talk time about 7 hours
Standby time about 7 days
Battery life about 1 year
Replace the battery when the talk or standby time
becomes noticeably reduced. For replacements,
call the Parts Department (see the front cover).