Uniden D3288-2 Telephone User Manual

14 - English
The following operations are available through the
To... From the
menu, select a cell phone and
then select...
make a CellLink call
Make Call
; enter the number to call.
set Privacy features
Privacy Setup
, then set Privacy to
All stations set to
: All stations will ring (default).
One or more stations set to
: Only stations set to
will ring; other stations do not ring but they can
still receive calls.
The Privacy option only affects the ring. All
stations still get CID information and can use
the cellular phone to make and receive calls.
download phonebook
Download PB
. The screen displays
Download PB
when complete.
delete Bluetooth pairing
Remove Cellular
. The screen displays
Removed Cellular
when complete.
relink a cellular phone
Use the same procedures on p.6 to add a new cellular phone.
Changing the Volume
You can adjust each station’s volume independently. Press
to increase or
decrease the earpiece or speaker volume when you are on a call. You can adjust the
ringer volume only when the phone is in standby.
Turning the ringer volume all the way down turns off the ringer.
Using the Caller ID and Redial Lists
Caller ID (CID) is a service available from your telephone provider that shows the
phone number (and sometimes the caller’s name) of incoming calls. Contact your
telephone provider for more information.
Caller ID list Redial list
The phone saves the information for the last 50
incoming calls (both landline and CellLink calls) to
the CID list. An asterisk (
) marks any calls received
since the last time you checked the record details.
All stations share the same CID list so only one
station can access the list at a time.
In standby, stations show how many calls came in
since the last time you checked the CID list.
Each station remembers
the last 5 numbers you
dialed on it.
Only one station can
access its redial list at
a time.
The station does not
record which line was
used to call the number.