Uniden D3288-2 Telephone User Manual

26 - English
Answering system problems Possible solutions
A handset can't access the
answering system.
See if another station is using the system.
Make sure the phone is in standby.
My outgoing message is gone.
If there was a power failure, re-record your
personal outgoing message.
I can’t hear the base speaker.
Make sure call screening is turned on.
Change the base speaker volume.
Messages are incomplete.
Increase the
Record Time
Delete messages (memory may be full).
The system keeps recording when
I answer on an extension.
You may have to change the line mode.
Contact Customer Service for instructions.
Bluetooth problems Possible solutions
The D3288 won’t pair with
my phone.
Making sure your phone is in pairing mode.
Check your phone’s manual for instructions on
Bluetooth device pairing.
Making sure your phone supports the Bluetooth
hands-free profile.
Checking the link order for that phone. In rare
cases, some cellular phones may not be linked as
the third or fourth cellular phone.
The D3288 doesn’t ring
when my cellular phone
Making sure your phone has Bluetooth turned
Making sure your phone is in range of the base.
Making sure the station’s ringer is not turned off.
(The base doesn’t ring on cellular calls.)
The D3288 paired with
my phone, but I can’t hear
anything through the
Adjusting the volume.
Setting your cellular phone to transfer the audio
to a Bluetooth device. Check your phone’s
manual for instructions on Bluetooth setup and
Erase the Bluetooth pairing and repair the
cellular phone to the base. To erase the
Bluetooth pairing, see p. 14.
Installing a Line Filter or DSL Filter
A telephone line filter or DSL filter prevents services that use the phone line from
causing interference on your phone. To get a line filter, contact your service provider
or look in an electronics store.
Plug the filter into the telephone wall jack and plug the base into the filter. Make a
test call to make sure the noise is gone.