Uniden D3288-2 Telephone User Manual

English - 21
When you select
Voice Mail
, you will be prompted to enter a Voice Mail
Access number if you have not yet set one up (see p. 12). If you have
already set one up, your phone will dial it.
After you listen to your messages, the message icon turns off. If it doesn’t, you can
reset it: With the phone in standby, open the menu and select
Global Setup
; select
VMWI Reset
, then select
Using Your Phone During a Power Failure
If there is a power failure, you can still make and receive phone calls using the base
corded handset, including Call Waiting calls and changing the earpiece volume. All
other features of the base and all cordless handsets will not function.
While the power is out, the base uses a special ringer; you cannot adjust
the volume of this ringer.
The answering system works with land-line calls only.
Answering System Options (
Ans. Setup
You can set or change the answering system options from any station. Just open the
menu and select
Ans. Setup
Select this option... To...
Security Code
Enter a 2-digit PIN so you can access your answering
system from any touch-tone phone (see p. 24).
Ring Time
Set the number of rings (
, or
) before the system
Toll Saver
makes the system answer after 2 rings if
you have new messages or after 4 rings if you don't.
Record Time
Set the amount of time (
1 or
minutes) callers have to
leave a message. Choose
Announce Only
if you don't want
the system to let callers to leave a message.
Message Alert
Have the system beep every 15 seconds when you have
a new message. The alert stops after you listen to all your
new messages or if you press any key on the base.
Ans. Language
Change the language of the system's voice prompts.
Call Screen
Turn on the call screen feature so you can hear callers as
they leave messages on the base speaker (see p. 23).
Ans. On/Off
Turn your answering system on or off.
You can also press
ansWer On/Off
on the base.
Record Greeting
Record an outgoing message or greeting (see below).
Greeting Options
Switch greetings or delete your greeting (see below).