Uniden D3288-2 Telephone User Manual

12 - English
Menu Option What it does Base
Key Touch Tone
Have the keypad sound a tone when you press a key. YES
LCD Contrast
Change the contrast of the display. YES
Ans. Setup
Refer to p. 21 for details on setting up your answering system.
Date & Time
Use this menu to set the clock (if you have Caller ID, the phone sets date and time
automatically). Enter the date and time (MM/DD/YY); select
. Use
move the cursor past a digit without changing it.
Global Setup
The settings on this menu affect all stations. Only one station at a time can change
these menu options.
Menu Option What it does
Dial Mode
Choose tone or pulse dialing (see p. 4).
Set Line Mode
Do not change this setting unless instructed to by
customer service.
VMWI Reset
Reset the Voice Message Waiting Indicator (see p. 21).
Edit Voice Mail
Enter, edit, or delete the access number for your voice mail
service (see p. 21).
Edit Int’l No.
Enter, edit, or delete international numbers.
Call Blocking
See p. 18 for a detailed description of the Call Blocking feature.
Register Accy.
Menu (Base only)
This menu puts the base in registration mode (see p. 27).
Entering Text on Your Phone
Use the 12-key dial pad anytime you want to enter text into your phone (a name
in the phonebook, the handset banner, etc.).
If two letters in a row use the same key, enter the first letter; wait for the cursor to
move to the next space and enter the second letter.
To... Press...
move the cursor left
move the cursor right
erase the character at the cursor
erase the entire entry and hold
enter a blank space