Cisco Systems 7900 IP Phone User Manual

Cisco Unified CallManager System Guide
Cisco Unified IP Phones
Cisco Unified IP Phones as full-featured telephones, can plug directly into your IP network. H.323
clients, CTI ports, and Cisco IP Communicator represent software-based devices that you configure
similarly to the Cisco Unified IP Phones. Cisco Unified CallManager Administration allows you to
configure phone features such as call forwarding and call waiting for your phone devices. You can also
create phone button templates to assign a common button configuration to a large number of phones.
After you have added the phones, you can associate users with them. By associating a user with a phone,
you give that user control over that device.
This section covers the following topics:
Supported Cisco Unified IP Phones, page 43-2
Cisco SIP IP Phones, page 43-8
H.323 Clients and CTI Ports, page 43-8
Cisco IP Communicator, page 43-9
Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, page 43-9
Phone Button Templates, page 43-10
Softkey Templates, page 43-17
Softkey Template Operation, page 43-20
Common Phone Profiles, page 43-20
Methods for Adding Phones, page 43-21
Phone Features, page 43-21
Phone Association, page 43-27
Phone Administration Tips, page 43-27
Phone Failover and Fallback, page 43-31
Phone Configuration Checklist, page 43-31
Where to Find More Information, page 43-34