AT&T Not Availab IP Phone User Manual

If you have both a handset and a headset plugged into a CALLMASTER
voice terminal, you may want to unplug the handset when you are not
using it, since it can pick up nearby noises (such as papers being
shuffled) which may be heard over the headset.
The CALLMASTER II with Recorder Interface is designed for recording
calls on a standard analog tape recorder. [A recorder with AGC
(Automatic Gain Control) is recommended.] With this interface, a
warning tone, a soft beep repeated every 15 seconds, notifies the agent
and the calling party that the call is being recorded.
Be aware that this
tone may be a legal requirement.
To generate this warning tone while
using the Service Observing feature to monitor calls, the ACD split
supervisor must activate the listen/talk mode and remain in this mode
while the call is being recorded.
Important: The use of service observing features and call recording
features may be subject to federal, state, and local laws, rules, or
regulations and may be prohibited pursuant to the laws, rules, or
regulations or require the consent of one or both of the parties to the
conversation. Customers should familiarize themselves with and comply
with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations before using these
This user’s guide is divided into four main sections:
Feature Descriptions—Use the drawing to locate the features on your
CALLMASTER voice terminal; use the feature descriptions and
explanations to help you remember how these features are used.
Installation–Use the procedures listed in this section to install your
CALLMASTER voice terminal. The procedures are the same for both
Feature Procedures—Follow the procedures listed here to use the fixed
features on your voice terminal, those features you can use immediately.
Technical Description—This short section contains the dimensions,
power requirements, and environmental requirements for the
CALLMASTER voice terminal.