AT&T Not Availab IP Phone User Manual

Starting at the top left of Figure 1 and continuing clockwise:
Message Light
A red light which goes on steadily when a message has
been left for you.
Drop/Test Button
For disconnecting from a call or dropping the last
party added to a conference call. When used with
, you can
perform a self-test of your voice terminal lights and tone ringer.
Conference/Ring Button
For setting up conference calls. With a
DEFINITY Generic 1 or Generic 3, the conference can include up to six
parties. DEFINITY Generic 2 users can conference up to three parties.
(To add more parties, DEFINITY Generic 2 users should see their
system manager.) When used with
, you can select a
personalized ringing pattern for your voice terminal.
Hold Button
A red button for putting calls on hold.
Transfer Button
For transferring a call to another voice terminal.
A built-in supertwist LCD 2-line by 40-character display.
6 Call Appearance/Feature Buttons
These six buttons are devoted to
handling incoming and outgoing calls (call appearances) and are
labeled with an extension number. Each button has a red appearance
light beside it to tell you that this is the line you are using or that this is
the line you will get when you answer a call. The green status light next
to each call appearance and feature button tells you the line or feature is
being used.
15 Feature Buttons
Each of these 15 buttons accesses a feature and is
labeled with a feature name. Each button has a green light beside it.
When the green light goes on, the feature is active.
Release Button
Use in ACD operation to end a call. However, pressing
is equivalent to hanging up; you will not receive dial tone.
Line Jack (on bottom of voice terminal)
This jack is used for connecting
a line cord to your voice terminal. The jack is labeled ‘‘LINE.’’
Log in Button
Use this button to automatically log in to the ACD system
when you want to begin answering ACD calls.