AT&T Not Availab IP Phone User Manual

Your CALLMASTER Voice Terminal
The AT&T CALLMASTER voice terminals referred to in this manual
include the CALLMASTER II and the CALLMASTER III models. Both of
these voice terminals have been specially designed for use with the
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system and the many features of
DEFINITY Generic 1, Generic 2, and Generic 3.
The CALLMASTER II and the CALLMASTER III are identical in
appearance. Each has six buttons that can be used for either call
appearances or features and 15 buttons that are administered
exclusively for features. They also have a 2-line supertwist liquid crystal
display for showing call-related information, and designated buttons for
both the ACD Log In and Release features.
The CALLMASTER II has a built-in Recorder Interface which allows you
to connect the voice terminal to a recording device so that you can
record all voice interactions. The CALLMASTER III does NOT have a
Recorder Interface. For easy identification of which model you are using,
see the model number printed on a sticker on the bottom of each
CALLMASTER voice terminal.
NOTE: The tape recorder used with CALLMASTER II voice terminal with
Recorder Interface must be purchased by the user; it is not provided with
the voice terminal.
For more information on using ACD features, see
DEFINITY Generic 1
and Generic 3 ACD Agent Instructions
, 555-204-722;
Generic 2 and System 85 ACD Agent Instructions, 555-104-713;
DEFINITY Generic 1 and Generic 3 ACD Supervisor Instructions
555-230-724; and
DEFINITY Generic 2 and System 85 ACD Supervisor
Instructions, 555-104-714.
Since the CALLMASTER voice terminal is most often used with a
headset, each set has two headset jacks, one on each side of the
housing, so that one or two headsets can easily be connected. The
voice terminal is immediately off-hook when the headset is plugged into
the voice terminal.
With the use of an optional handset D-Kit, a K-2G2 optional handset can
be added to the voice terminal. (See ‘‘Orderable Equipment’’ in the
Installation section of these instructions for Comcodes of the handset
D-Kits and individual parts.) This kit includes a handset and handset
cord, a PJ327 adapter so that the handset cord can be connected to one
of the headset jacks, and a cradle in which the handset can be kept
when it is not in use. (This cradle
be used as a switchhook).