AT&T Not Availab IP Phone User Manual

Adjunct Jack (on bottom of voice terminal)
This jack is used to connect
compatible adjunct equipment, such as an S101A or S201A
Speakerphone, a 507A Adapter, or a 500A Headset Adapter, to your
voice terminal. The jack is labeled
Mute Button
For turning off the voice transmitter in the headset or
handset so the other person cannot hear you.
Volume Control Button
For adjusting the volume of the headset (or
handset) when you are using the headset (or the handset) and a call is in
progress, or for adjusting the volume of the tone ringer when you are not
using the headset (or handset), and any time the voice terminal is
ringing. You can also use the volume control to change ringer volume
while you are selecting a personalized ring.
Dial Pad
The standard 12-button pad for dialing phone numbers and
accessing features. The letters, ‘‘Q’’ and ‘‘Z,’’ have been added to the
appropriate dial pad keys for directory access, and the ‘‘5’’ button on
your dial pad has raised bars for visually-impaired users.
Select Button
Can be used in two different ways:
1) Used with
to initiate a self-test of your voice terminal;
2) Used with
to select your own personalized ring from
among eight available patterns.