AT&T Not Availab IP Phone User Manual

1 Before cleaning, unplug the voice terminal from the modular wall
jack. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners. Use a damp
cloth for cleaning.
2 Unplug the voice terminal from the modular wall jack and refer
servicing to qualified service personnel when these conditions exist:
If liquid has been spilled into the voice terminal
If the voice terminal has been exposed to rain or water
If the voice terminal does not operate normally by following the
operating instructions, adjust only those controls described in
these instructions. Do not attempt to adjust any other controls
since doing so may result in damage to the voice terminal and will
require extensive work by a qualified technician to restore the
voice terminal to normal operation.
If the voice terminal has been dropped or the housing has been
If you note a distinct change in the performance of the voice
WARNING: When this product is located in a separate building
from the telephone communications system, a line current protector
MUST be installed at the entry/exit points of ALL buildings through
which the line passes.
The following are the ONLY acceptable devices for use in this
AT&T 4-type protectors
LP-type protectors
CAUTION: This voice terminal is NOT for residential use. It is for
business systems applications ONLY. Use in a residential
environment could result in an electrical short circuit when the
telephone wiring is set up to provide other applications, for
example, for appliance control or power transformers. The AC
power used in these applications may create a safety hazard by
placing a direct short circuit across the telephone wiring.
When you see this warning symbol on the product, refer
to the instructions booklet packed with the product for
information before proceeding.