Qualcomm GSP-1600 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Cautions and Warnings
Only use the batteries, antennas, and chargers provided by
QUALCOMM. The use of any other type may be dangerous.
Allow only authorized personnel to service the phone and its
accessories. Unauthorized service can invalidate the warranty.
Any changes or modifications to this equipment not expressly
approved in this document could void your warranty and your
authority to operate this equipment.
Avoid exposing the phone and accessories to rain or other
liquids. If the phone gets wet, turn the power off immediately
and remove the battery pack. See Battery Care and Maintenance,
page 59, for more information.
When using the QUALCOMM Globalstar Tri-Mode Phone near a
television or radio, the phone can cause interference. Regulatory
agencies in your area, such as the United States Federal
Communications Commission (FCC) or Canadian Industry
Canada (IC), can require you to stop using the phone if such
interference cannot be eliminated. If you need assistance, contact
your satellite or cellular service provider.