Qualcomm GSP-1600 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Battery Care and Maintenance
Learn about battery care, battery charging, and battery removal and
replacement in this section.
The phone comes with a rechargeable battery that is located on the back of
the phone:
The following is typical battery performance:
Battery care and charging
The battery charge level indicator is shown at the top right of the screen
and ranges between four diagonal bars (full charge) to one bar (minimal
charge). If the indicator has one blinking bar, the battery has no charge.
Fully charge the battery immediately after purchasing the phone to
maximize the talk and standby times. The battery does not need to be
completely drained before you recharge it. See Low battery, page 60, for
more information.
Follow these guidelines for batteries:
Only use QUALCOMM batteries and chargers designed for your phone.
Do not use any other battery or charger. You cannot overcharge
QUALCOMM batteries with QUALCOMM chargers.
To maximize battery life, set the backlight option to “off” (see
Backlight, page 42).
Service Mode Talk Time Standby Time
Globalstar satellite 3.5 hours 9 hours
Digital 4.5 hours 72 hours
Analog 2.5 hours 14 hours