Qualcomm GSP-1600 Cordless Telephone User Manual

System Menu
Manual Mode
The phone operates in Globalstar satellite, digital, or analog mode. You can
manually select one of these modes or select auto mode by using this
feature. Auto mode means that the phone automatically selects a mode
based on your auto mode setting (see Auto Mode, page 56).
The mode you select remains selected until you turn the phone off, and then
it resets to your auto mode setting. If one of the modes is currently
unavailable, it will not display on the screen.
To manually select a mode
1. Shortcut: From standby mode, press and hold . The following
2. Press:
to select Auto Mode. The message “Initiating Automatic
System Acquisition” displays.
for Globalstar satellite mode. The message “Initiating
Globalstar System Acquisition” displays.
for Digital mode. The message “Initiating Digital System
Acquisition” displays.
for Analog mode. The message “Initiating Analog System
Acquisition” displays.
Auto Mode
You can set each phone number (or NAM) to automatically look for service
using one or more modes in the order of priority that you specify:
GStar only – Look for Globalstar satellite service only.
Cell only – Look for cellular service only. For cellular service (cell only),
you choose between digital or analog using the Cell Pref menu.
GStar Pref – Attempt to look for Globalstar satellite service first and
cellular service last.
Cell Pref – Attempt to look for cellular service first and Globalstar
satellite service last.
To set auto mode
1. Select the appropriate NAM (see NAM Select, page 57).
2. From standby mode, press menu.
3. Press for System.
4. Press for Auto Mode