Qualcomm GSP-1600 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Phone Basics
3. Volume buttons – Adjust ringer volume when not on a call. Scroll
through the menu items if a scroll arrow displays. Scroll through call
history and phone book. Move the cursor when editing alphabetic
characters or digits.
4. SMART KEY options – Select the option on the screen by pressing the
SMART KEY below it.
5. SMART KEY buttons– Press the SMART KEY to select the
appropriate option on the screen.
6. Information key – Insert pauses and hyphens. Additional help is
available if displays on the screen (for example, when the phone
registers and displays, press for service provider information
and the current phone number).
7. Send key – Originate or answer a call. Also used for features such as
call waiting.
8. Message key – Access text messages and voice mail notifications. See
Messages Menu, page 25.
9. Punctuation key – Add punctuation or spaces when entering letters.
10. International dialing or plus (+) key – Make international calls (see
International dialing, page 13).
11. Mode select – Press and hold to manually select Globalstar satellite,
digital, analog, or auto mode (see Manual Mode, page 56).
12. Security module – Required to activate phone for Globalstar satellite
service (see Security module, page 10).
13. Cellular antenna
14. Display indicators – Show phone and battery status (see Display
indicators, page 9).
15. Screen
16. Clear key – Delete characters (see Entering numbers, page 12, and
Entering letters and other characters, page 17). Return to previous
17. End key – End a call. If not on a call, return to standby mode.
18. Scroll keys – Scroll through menu items if a scroll arrow displays on the
screen. Move cursor.
19. Power key – Turn the phone on or off.
20. Microphone
21. Globalstar satellite antenna (see Preparing for satellite calls, page 2).
22. Battery
23. Battery release latch