AT&T WF721 IP Phone User Manual

6 Getting Started Getting Started 7
Turn on Your Device
Plug the power cord into an electrical wall outlet that is
not controlled by a wall switch.
Insert the small end of the power cord into the round
Power Input port on the back of your Wireless Home
Phone device.
Slide the On/Off switch to the On position.
Check the Wireless Signal
Raise the antenna to an upright position and check the
signal strength.
More green bars indicate a stronger signal. Your device
can be relocated in your home for best performance.
2 4
Connect the Device to a Phone
1) Unplug your phone
from your home
phone wall jack.
2) Plug your phone into the
“Phone 1” port on the
Wireless Home Phone
device, using your existing
phone cable or included
phone cable.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT plug the Wireless Home
Phone device or your phones into your wall jacks.