AT&T WF721 IP Phone User Manual

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•   Your Wireless Home Phone device comes with standard 
three-way calling and call waiting. Operation of these
features will vary depending on your home phone
•   If your phone does not have a Flash (or Phone/Talk) key,
then use the off-hook mechanism supported by your
Call Forwarding
To forward all calls, dial:
The 10-digit number to which you wish to forward your calls
# key
(Example: *21*1234567890# forwards your calls to the phone
number 123-456-7890)
Please wait at least three (3) seconds and until you hear a
confirmation tone for the forwarding to complete before
hanging up.
To un-forward calls, dial #21#, please wait at least three (3)
seconds and until you hear a confirmation tone for the
un-forwarding to complete before hanging up.
Applicable wireless minute plan rates apply to
forwarded calls.
Helpful Tips
Home Answering Machines
If you choose to use your home answering machine instead of
the voicemail provided by your Wireless Home Phone device,
you will need to set your answering machine to pick up calls
before network voicemail, which is fewer than 4 rings. If you
have a stand-alone answering machine, you can connect it to
the “Phone 2” port on the back of your Wireless Home Phone
Adjusting Volume
Use your home phone’s volume adjustment if available.
Alternately, the volume of the Wireless Home Phone device
can be adjusted if necessary. While on a call, press ** or ## to
enter Volume Setting Mode. Press * to decrease volume. Press
# to increase volume.
To exit Volume Setting Mode press any other key or wait five
(5) seconds.