AT&T WF721 IP Phone User Manual

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Safety Instructions
•   Some electronic devices are susceptible to 
electromagnetic interference sent by devices that may not
be adequately shielded. For best performance, position
the Wireless Home Phone device as far from these types
of devices (TV sets, radios and other automated office
equipment) as possible (at least 8 feet) so as to avoid
possible electromagnetic interference.
•   Do not use the device in hospitals. 
•   Do not use the device on board aircraft.
Operating of the device may interfere with medical devices
like hearing aids and pacemakers. Consult a physician or the
manufacturer of the medical device before using.
•   Be aware of usage limitations when using the device at 
places such as oil warehouses or chemical factories,
where there are explosive gases or explosive products
being processed. Even if your terminal is in idle state, it still
transmits radio frequency (RF) energy.
•   Keep the antenna free from obstructions and position the 
antenna straight up. This will ensure best call quality.
•   Please put the device in a safe place. The device may cause 
injury if used as a toy by children.
•   Do not put other things on the terminal to avoid 
•   Please use original accessories or accessories that are 
approved by vendor. Using any unapproved accessories
may affect your device’s performance, damage your
terminal, or even cause danger to you and violate related
national regulations about telecom terminals.
•   Because the device can produce an electromagnetic eld, 
do not place it near magnetic items such as computer disks.
•   Do not expose the device to direct sunlight or store it in hot 
areas. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic
•  Prevent liquids from leaking into the device.
•   Do not attempt to disassemble the device by yourself. Non-
expert handling of the device may cause bodily injury or
device damage.
•   Do not install or remove the SIM card when the power is on.