AT&T WF721 IP Phone User Manual

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Important Information
E911 Service
For emergency calls, you may have to provide your location
address to the 911 operator.
Power Outages
The Wireless Home Phone device has a battery in the event
of a power outage with talk time of approximately 3 hours
depending on environmental factors. However, a landline
phone requiring separate electric power to operate (e.g.,
cordless phones) connected to a Wireless Home Phone
device will not place or receive calls (including 911 calls)
during a power outage.
If you experience a power outage and your battery is fully
depleted, it will be necessary to restart your device when
power is restored by sliding the On/Off switch off and on.
Device Compatibility
The Wireless Home Phone device is not compatible with data
or messaging services, home security systems, fax service,
medical alert systems, medical monitoring systems, credit
card machines, IP/PBX Phone systems, or dial-up Internet
service. May not be compatible with your DVR/Satellite
systems, please check with your provider. DSL customers
should contact their provider before transferring a phone
number to ensure uninterrupted DSL Internet service.
The Wireless Home Phone device cannot be used to make
500, 700, 900, 976, 0+ collect, operator assisted, or dial-
around calls (e.g. 1010-XXXX).
In-Home Wiring
Interconnecting to home telephone wiring is not necessary,
but is possible; however, it is not recommended unless you
possess sufficient knowledge of electrical systems. Use with
home wiring requires the physical disconnection from other
services, including the landline coming into your home. Use of a
qualified licensed electrician is highly recommended. Improper
installation may result in phone equipment damage or even a fire.
Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of phone do I need to work with the Wireless
Home Phone device?
Most standard touch-tone phones may be used. Rotary
phones are not supported. Cordless phone systems provide
the most flexibility and allow you to easily place additional
handsets throughout your home. Cordless phone systems
still need to be plugged into a power outlet.
During a power outage, a standard corded phone which
doesn’t require electrical power is needed.
How do I install my Wireless Home Phone device?
Refer to pages 4-9 of this guide for the most common
installation methods. Other helpful information:
•   Installation near a window or outside wall is strongly 
recommended to ensure the strongest possible wireless
signal in order to maximize voice quality.
•   If your voice quality is unacceptable, your device may not 
have sufficient signal strength (green bars). You may need
to relocate the device to another area of your home with a
stronger wireless signal.