AT&T WF721 IP Phone User Manual

Important Information Important Information 2120
Problem Possible Solution
No dial tone •   Make sure the battery is installed in your 
Wireless Home Phone device.
•   Make sure the device is turned on 
(Power indicator light is green) and
there is AC power to the Wireless Home
Phone device. Do not connect to an AC
outlet controlled by a wall switch.
•   Move the device to an area with 
sufficient network signal (at least 1 to 2
green bars are displayed).
•   Make sure your home telephone 
equipment has power and is connected
properly to the Wireless Home
Phone device.
Caller Number
ID only
•   Like all wireless services, only the calling 
number is displayed with Caller ID.
•   Your home phone equipment may 
support the display of names stored in
its contacts memory.
Battery LED
is off
•   Plug your Wireless Home Phone device 
into a power outlet to charge the
Problem Possible Solution
Poor voice
•   Make sure all connections are rmly in 
•   Make sure the external antenna is 
installed and securely fastened.
•   Move your device to another area of 
the home with a strong wireless signal
(3 green bars or more), typically near a
window or outside wall.
•   Make sure the home phone that is 
connected to the Wireless Home Phone
device is of good quality and in good
working order.
•   Connect your phone using the phone 
cable included with the Wireless Home
Phone device.
•   Make sure the antenna is in a vertical 
position and increase the distance away
from other electronic devices and the
Wireless Home Phone device (including
cordless base stations, Wi-Fi routers,
and cell phones).
•   Voice quality may degrade with a low 
battery charge (red). Connect to an AC
power source to recharge when power
is available.