AT&T WF721 IP Phone User Manual

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Can I make international calls with my Wireless Home Phone
Yes. You can add an international long distance package for an
additional charge which includes 1,000 minutes of calling to
both mobile and landline numbers in Mexico, Canada, China,
India and more plus landline calling to over 50 other countries.
Or you can pay standard pay-per-use rates for calls to over
225 countries worldwide. For more details, go to
Can I use my Wireless Home Phone device internationally?
No. Use is limited to the United States, Puerto Rico, and
U.S. Virgin Islands.
What is the warranty on the Wireless Home Phone device?
AT&T Wireless Home Phone device has a 12-month limited
warranty. For details, see page 30.
I can’t make or receive calls with my Wireless Home Phone
device. What should I do?
Please follow the troubleshooting steps found on the following
pages. If further assistance is required, call 800-901-9878.
Will my Wireless Home Phone device work in areas with no or
low wireless signal strength?
A strong wireless signal (three to five green bars) is
recommended for optimal performance. A moderate signal
(one to two green bars) may be sufficient. If you do not see
three to five green bars, you may want to choose an alternate
Why don’t I see the name of the caller on Caller ID?
The Wireless Home Phone device, similar to other wireless
devices, supports calling number identification.
However, contact names stored on your cordless home phone
may display for incoming calls.
Does the Wireless Home Phone device support data or text
No, only voice services are supported.
Do I need broadband Internet service for the Wireless Home
Phone device to work?
No, the service is provided through the AT&T wireless network.
Can I move my Wireless Home Phone device and use it in
another location?
Yes, you can use your device anywhere in the U.S. where AT&T
is authorized to provide wireless services. All you need is an
available wireless signal and power outlet.
When I dial a seven-digit number using the Wireless Home
Phone device, I get a message that the number cannot be
completed as dialed. Does the Wireless Home Phone device
support seven-digit dialing?
The Wireless Home Phone device requires 10-digit dialing for
domestic calls in most areas.