AT&T WF721 IP Phone User Manual

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How It Works
The Wireless Home Phone device uses the AT&T cellular
network to provide phone service to your cordless or corded
home phone(s). Place it anywhere in your house where you
have a wireless signal. It does not require the use of a home
phone wall jack like traditional home phone service.
The Wireless Home Phone device provides many calling
services, such as voicemail, Caller Number ID, Call Waiting,
Call Forwarding, and Three-way Calling for your home
Device Installation
Before You Begin
Your device works exclusively with the AT&T cellular network
and DOES NOT use your home phone wall jacks.
Your device should be located:
•   Where you have a strong cellular signal, typically near a 
window or outside wall. Signal strength may vary in different
parts of your home.
•   Near an electrical wall outlet.
Select which phone(s) you will use with the Wireless Home
Phone device:
•   A cordless phone system with multiple handsets should be 
used to place phones throughout your home.
•  If using an existing phone, unplug it from the wall jack.
Install the Battery
Insert the battery.
Note: Battery must be installed at all times for your
Wireless Home Phone device to operate.
Install the battery cover.
•  The battery must be installed at all times for your
Wireless Home Phone device to operate properly, even
when plugged into a power source. It may take five (5) hours
to fully charge (battery will charge inside the device while
connected to a power supply).
• Charge time may be impacted by environmental factors,
and the battery will stop charging when the ambient
temperature is outside of the temperature range allowed
for charging (32 °F – 131 °F).