VTech TL86009 Cordless Telephone User Manual

California Energy Commission battery charging
testing instructions
This telephone is set up to comply with the energy-conserving standards right out
of the box. These instructions are intended for California Energy Commission (CEC)
compliance testing only. When the CEC battery charging testing mode is activated, all
telephone functions on the cordless handsets, except battery charging, will be disabled.
When first purchased and properly installed for charging (see Battery installation and
charging on pages 6-7), put the handset in the handset charger to charge. The CEC
battery charging testing mode is activated while charging.
If you have registered the handset to the TL86109 base, below are the testing
To activate the CEC battery charging testing mode:
1. When the phone is not in use, press and hold FLASH on the telephone base for
about 4 seconds until it shows Deregister all handsets? Then, release the button.
2. Press the YES softkey to continue. You hear a confirmation tone from the
telephone base.
3. The telephone base displays PLEASE WAIT... All system handsets show Out of
range OR no power at base for a few seconds, and then you hear a confirmation
tone from the handset.
When the phone successfully enters the CEC battery charging testing mode, all
handsets show Press [HOLD] on base for 4 sec, th
en press [#] on handset.
When the phone fails to enter this mode, repeat all the steps mentioned
To deactivate the CEC battery charging testing mode:
1. Unplug the telephone base power adapter from the power outlet, then plug it back
in. The telephone base is powered up as normal.
2. Register your handsets back to the telephone base. See page 11 for handset
registration instructions.