VTech TL86009 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Adding handset to your telephone base
Expand your telephone system
Add and register a handset
When first purchased, each expansion handset shows
Press [
on base for 4 sec, then press [#] on handset
after a battery is installed. Each handset should be charged
without interruption for at least 25 minutes before registering
to the telephone base. For more details on battery charging,
see the table on page 8.
To register a handset:
Press and hold HOLD on the
telephone base for about
four seconds until it shows
Registering...Please wait.
Then, release the button.
ress # (pound key) on the
handset. Its screen shows
Registering handset... and
it takes up to 60 seconds to
complete the registration. The
handset and telephone base
show HANDSET X Registered (X represents the handset
number assigned) and you hear a beep when the registration
If the registration fails, the handset shows Registration failed for a few
seconds and then
Press [
on base for 4 sec, then press [#] on
Try the registration process again.
You cannot register a handset if any other system handset is in use.
You cannot register more than 12 handsets to the telephone base.
Registration slots are full shows on the base screen while you are in
step 2.