VTech TL86009 Cordless Telephone User Manual

My cordless handset isn’t performing normally.
Make sure the power cord is securely plugged into the
telephone base. Plug the power adapter into a different
working electrical outlet not controlled by a wall switch.
Move the cordless handset closer to the telephone base. You
might have moved out of range.
Reset the telephone base. Unplug the electrical power. Wait
for 15 seconds, then plug it back in. Allow up to one minute
for the cordless handset and telephone base to reset.
Other electronic products such as HAM radios and other DECT
phones, can cause interference with your cordless phone. Try
installing your phone as far away as possible from these types
of electronic devices.
The handset registration is unsuccessful.
Follow the steps to register the handset again.
1. Make sure the handset is out of the charger and shows
Press [
on base for 4 sec, then press [#] on handset
before you begin.
2. Press and hold HOLD on the telephone base for about
Then, release the button.
seconds until it shows Registering...Please wait.
3. Press # (pound key) on the handset. Its screen shows
Registering handset... and it takes up to 60 seconds to
complete the registration. The handset shows HANDSET X
Registered (X represents the handset number assigned) and
you hear a beep when the registration completed.
Refer to Add and register a handset on page 11 for details.