VTech TL86009 Cordless Telephone User Manual

I experience poor sound quality when using the
For increased sound quality while using the speakerphone,
place the handset on a flat surface with the dial pad
facing up.
When using a speakerphone, controlling background noise
in your environment is essential. While you are listening to
your party, press the MUTE softkey to temporarily turn your
microphone off. When it is your turn to speak, remember to
press the MUTE softkey again to turn the microphone on.
Excessive background noise will cause a speakerphone to fade
in and out. Try controlling the background noise by turning off
any audio devices near the speakerphone. Also, try to avoid
interrupting the person at the other end of the conversation
while they are speaking. If background noise cannot be
controlled, you should terminate speakerphone operation and
return to normal handset mode.
I hear other calls while using my phone.
Disconnect the telephone base from the telephone jack, and
plug in a different telephone. If you still hear other calls, the
problem is probably in your wiring or local service. Call your
telephone service provider.
While on a call or playing messages, there is too much noise,
or the voice sounds tinny, shrill or flat.
While on a call or playing messages, press the EQ
on the side of the handset until you find the settings that
sounds the best.