Uniden MHS450 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Uniden MHS450 Radio Owner’s Manual
Manually Selecting Coast Guard/Distress/
Hailing Channels
In addition to using Triple or Dual Watch to monitor the Coast
Guard/Distress/Hailing channels, you can manually select
them at any time.
To select your Coast Guard/Distress/Hailing channel,
repeatedly press 16/9/TRI. At the rst
press, the radio switches to channel 16,
the primary Coast Guard/Distress/Hailing
channel. 16 appears on the screen. Press
the button again to switch to channel 9, the
backup calling channel. 9 appears and NON COMMERCIAL
appears at the bottom. Press again to return to the standard
marine channels.
If you are listening to a weather (WX) channel and you
press 16/9/TRI, the radio drops out of weather mode and
switches to channel 16 and displays 16. If you are also set to
TriWatch, the radio begin to check 9, then 16 then the marine
channel in use prior to selecting the weather mode.
Storing a Channel in Memory
Once you have stored channels in
memory, you can set the radio to scan
those channels for activity. To select and
store a channel follow these steps.
Use ▲ or ▼ until you reach a channel you want to
Press and hold SCAN/MEM to store the channel
in memory. A double beep sounds to conrm your
CHANNEL STORED appears at the bottom of the
If you take no further action, the screen returns to the
standard marine screen in 3-seconds.