Uniden MHS450 Two-Way Radio User Manual

23Uniden MHS450 Radio Owner’s Manual
Power AutoSave and Battery Life Indication
A special circuit conserves power when constant power
is not required. The battery powers down during receiving
unless squelch is operating. However, the save feature does
not function during transmitting, weather alert settings or
TripleWatch where power is always required. The Battery
Level icon has 5 levels to indicate the voltage. When the
battery is almost dead, BATTERY LOW appears and the
Battery Level icon blinks.
Note: During the time you press PTT to transmit, you may
notice the power level indicator drop to a lower level and
then return to a higher level once you stop transmitting.
This is normal and merely indicates that additional power is
required to transmit compared to that used during reception.
Alkaline Batteries and Radio Performance
If you use alkaline batteries for emergency purposes, note
that the transmitting power output may suffer as the alkaline
batteries become weak and near the end of their useful life.
In such cases, you might not be able to transmit with a full
2.5 watts of power. Replace the batteries with known fresh
batteries to be sure, or switch to a fully charged Lithium Ion
battery pack.
When the appears ( Low Battery), or you hear the
Low Battery alert tone sound, be sure to replace all alkaline
batteries in use. Doing so removes any chance of degraded
radio performance and operation that can occur toward the
end of the batteries’ useful life.